Think. Opportunities not only to you personally that you have with the Royal Gold System Think one step ahead, because the name Royal Gold stands for quality and is legally protected at the European Trademark Office in Alicante. Through various promotional activities, for example at trade shows and in the media, as well as the positive experiences of our customers, we have won a high reputation.

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Thus allowed to grant rights only to the Royal Gold.

Brands at the DPMA:

Real gold registration number


Royal Gold Registration Number


Mark at T.C. patent

Real gold registration number



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Anyone who uses this name unjustified will be prosecuted. If you buy a system with a royal gold license, you automatically receive the rights. Created a ready website, as well as various advertising files to create your own hand-written flyers, business cards, press releases and more help you get started in their own future-oriented business. You can also sell gold coatings and conduct them independently with the system purchased anywhere. Your dream of independence must therefore remain a dream, you can immediately start with their own business. Therefore we expect no franchise fee or a revenue share.

Nevertheless, we remain at your problems, contact us and you will get all the required materials and accessories.

Our brands are backed by our recent advertising campaigns on shows like Essen motor show, Harley meeting, CNR Expo, Millionaire Fair Moscow 2013, television reports such as TVA, MTV, TV show, N24, NTV, etc., reports Auto Bild in 34 countries, tuner magazines and other magazines and newspapers worldwide known.

Find out today at and secure a bright future.