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Royal Gold – Mobiles & Accessories coating system

We carry the entry level model RG-500 GP and the professional model RG-GP 1000/2000 The difference is in the device performance, handling and the equipment. Both devices coat but the same high quality and professional.

Basically, all units are equipped so that you can get started with the gilding on conductive surfaces immediately.

RG-500 GP: Hobby
– Coating system with 25 amp, adjustable from 3-12 volts
Field field voltage and amperage, power cord

100 ml real 24 carat gold 999 fine gold
100 ml of nickel
100 ml Chromentferner to dechroming
100 ml electric cleaner for degreasing
100 ml Activator for nickel layer
1x red cable
1x handle
1x black cable plus alligator clip
3x steel electrodes
3x anode tampons
3x cups
1x Spray Bottle
1x manual in English or German
– Personal technical support free of charge in Germany
– 12 months warranty
– Free personal instruction with us
– Industry standard, 24-hour operation possible
Dimensions: L22 x W 22 x H 11 cm
Weight: 1 KG
Power consumption: max. 25 amps x 15 volts = 0.375 kw / h
CE approved
Warranty: 1 year
Surge protection, voltage adjustment, ammeter

€ VAT incl – for unbeatable 790.


RG-GP 1000: Professional Model

– Coating system with 25 amp, adjustable from 3-12 volts
Field field voltage and amperage, power cord
– 3 plus cable with 3 handles, one negative cable with alligator clip
– 4x and 5x electrode rods tampons
– 3x storage cups
– 3x working ends
– Safety glasses and gloves
– 1x Spray Bottle
– Metal Polishing and Care
– 250 ml of 24 carat gold for sales of more than 2,000, – €
– 250 ml or 250 ml of copper nickel
– Entchromer 250 ml, 250 ml Cleaner, 250 activator
– German manual, training film on DVD, instruction and
free support

License for Royal Gold option – no obligation!


RG-GP 2000: Professional Exclusive Model

– Coating system, HFP, 50 amp, 4 Level adjustable from 3-12 volts, power cord
– 4 x coiled and extendable to 2 meters plus cable, 4 handles
– 1 earth cable with alligator clip. Minus side of the unit Interchangeable for left or right handed
– Placed at the front of suspension for each handle, further including 4 cup holders for each step
– Once rolling stainless steel frame into which the coating system is integrated with storage compartment and seat so you can sit comfortably on his workstation, roll around and so has everything to hand.
– Metallic worktop with drip tray and spout
– 4x labeled plastic containers for the cup holder on the device
– 10 Anodenpads (puffy, thin and thick multilayer pads)
– 500 ml of 24 carat gold, enough for more than 5,000, – € turnover
– Entchromer 500 ml, 500 ml electric Cleaner 500ml activator
– 250 ml of nickel
– 250 ml of copper
– Safety glasses, gloves, spray bottle
– Exercise of
– Tape
– Conductivity Meters
– Cloths
– Metal Polishing and Gold Care
– Manual in German, marketing manual, training videos, training, free support

Royal Gold license option – no obligation!


We can advise you and provide you with a system together for your applications.


We continue to lead all the accessories:

24 carat gold, Goldtonmixer to Tonabgleich 9-24 carats,
Rose gold, white gold, green gold, no toxic products!
Alkaline, acid and antique copper
Bronze Mixer
Palladium, tin, zinc,
Rhodium and Black Rhodium
Chromium, in brief: Black Chrome
Entchromer, cleaner, activator – no acids
Electrodes made of stainless steel, copper, carbon, silver and platinum,
Electrode bulky, thick and thin layers

Please ask for our price list by email!